Will I need my own instrument?

  • For pianists: I strongly recommend having one to practice on. In-home lessons are not available for those who do not have their own piano.

  • For flutists: I recommend renting one to start if you do not already have one. Contact me if you need help with this.

Will I be able to cancel lessons and reschedule?

  • If I am given six (6) hours notice, I will reschedule your lesson. Please see my Policies for more information.

Where do I get sheet music and books?

  • I have some music available for purchase, or you can purchase recommended books at local stores and online.

Is it necessary to have a lessons every week?

  • Although I believe consistency is important, we can work out a lesson schedule that works for you.

What is the difference between in-home and in-studio lessons?

  • In-home means I would come to your home to teach the lesson whereas in-studio means you would come to my home.

Do I have to continue lessons throughout the summer?

  • Lessons are based on the school year. Lessons are possible during the summer but not necessary, and you can schedule as many lessons as you like.